Roasted Sweet Potato, with Lemon Tahini & Smoked Paprika Dressing

The Cheeky Pistachio (Instagram: thecheekypistachio)

She stared lustfully out the rain-stained window, reminiscing the days where she would gaze admiringly at the clouds swimming across the humbly exalted blue skies; and when the warm spring heat would penetrate through her sun-kissed skin. But alas, she was jolted back to reality, where the quaint whisper of the falling rain accompanied the grey hue of the bleak skies of London…

Just kidding! In all honesty, there is something so idyllic about the April Showers in the UK, and the ephemeral blue skies that signal the approaching summer months. As the nights begin to draw out, the temperatures slowly begin to rise, and the trees begin to bloom and blossom, you are reminded of all the reasons why you love this city and everything that comes with it.

I arrived back in London last night and got on with writing this post to share with you the last dish…

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