Let’s Go Nuts!

I just can’t resist a good pun.

You may be thinking… who is this girl and why does she keep going on about nuts? Well, let me start by telling you that for the majority of my childhood, I spent my summers swimming through mountains of nuts (not that type of nut- get your mind out of the gutter!), and as the daughter of a pistachio farmer (that’s right- we do exist!), I always imagined taking over the family business one day and honouring my father and grandfather’s legacy. However, as I grew up and lived through my tumultuous teenage years (just joking- my worst offense at school was raising money for charity without permission- true story…), I realised that the farmer life was not for me. However, the family business has left an imprint on me, one that has been reflected in my love for food, nutrition and healthy eating.

When I graduate last summer summer, I was left in a state of constant confusion and anxiety, struggling to decide on a correct career path; one which fulfilled my own ambitions, one that would satisfy the expectations of others, and most importantly, one that would be true to myself. After taking a few months out to just enjoy the lack of responsiblity, the freedom to travel, take courses I was interested in, and foster my own hobbies, I came to the conclusion that no matter what I ended up doing, I had a duty to myself to continue to cultivate my interest in cooking.

I have had the privilege of growing up in both London and Dubai, two of the most foodie cities in the world. Dubai, in all its excess and flambuoyance, provides some of the world’s best restaurants and experiences, but it comes with a hefty price tag. I must admit, however, that times are changing, and with each year, Dubai is starting to produce more affordable luxury in the food industry. London, on the other hand, is a food haven. From the copious variety in food markets and stalls, and their viral food sensations, ranging from Taiwanese buns, cream-filled donuts and ice cream macaroons, to their upmarket celebrity brewing pots, such as Nobu, Novikov, the ever so riské-named Sexy Fish, (and the list goes on), to the celebrity-chef driven institutions such as The Ledbury, Le Gavroche and the Fat Duck, London has all that there is to offer. And lest we forget the majestic afternoon tea that embeds itself on practically every street corner in central London, ranging from affordable to “£60 for some scones?!?”

Discovering these restaurants, and relishing what each one uniquely has to offer, is by far my favourite pass-time. Even a bad experience is a good one, in the sense that I learn never to return to that restaurant again! Having said that, my fiance would suggest that I have had some catastrophic attempts at cooking myself, though I will deny this until my last breath (so I slightly overcooked the fish… I wanted it to be black in appearance!).  So here I am now, taking a step which was harder to take than one would think. My aim for this blog is to share with you my culinary journey, both at home and away; to impart with you the things I learn by sharing my recipes, in case any of you are brave enough to try them! And trust me, my fiance doesn’t pull any punches; if the result is horrendous, I, and therefore you, will definitely know about it.

On a final note,  I just ask of you one thing; please, do not misinterpret my efforts as a bid for attention, fame, ‘likes’, or any other media-driven effort to feed my ego. Within a generation of lost millenials, searching for perfection where there is none to be found, my hope is to use this blog, regardless of its success, as an outlet for my passion. So please go easy on me- I am so new to this and so nervous, and just hope to learn as I go along.

My first recipe will be up tomorrow, and though simple, a little cheese goes a long way 😉


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